Moving! (a little...)

This post is long-overdue, I should have put the information already a month ago.

Due to plagiarism issue I decided to create a community (along with my friend). There you can read all of my stories after joining and commenting (because I don't trust silent readers anymore). Also I want people to comment more because I reached the point where I write more than read so I would appreciate a few words of encouragement. You guys get this stuff for free, humour the author, write something back, it makes us all really happy ^^. Okay, I'm rambling now. So what I'm trying to say is that I won't delete my fics from this journal but I'll lock them. In the future I probably won't use is much, maybe if I decide I want to share something I'll come here. But I'm mostly keeping this journal for all the amazing comments I got from the readers and I'll be forever thankfull to all of you who were there with me since the beginning, since I posted the first chapter of '3AM Happiness'. Thank you so much!

Here is the link to the community: AlwaysRelated

Since I share it with my friend, cadey, you'll find there her fics too. She's mostly an EunHae and 2Woon writer and she's amazing! I invite you all, who still don't know about it, to join!

Once again thank you for being here with me!



Some of you might remember that I mentioned taking a break. I was hoping it won't happen but real life caught up to me. I need to focus on finishing one last thing that's stopping me from getting my second degree and I have time until June for that. After that is off my list I'll be able to post without worrying about many things.

There is also another reason. I'm tired. Some of you might remember that I'm posting regularly for almost 2 years now (one time I had a 3 months break wasn't really a break because I was very busy). So I want to have those few weeks when I don't have to worry about posting the next chapter, not having inspiration to write some scenes or not having time to do it. I just want to rest mentally a little. I will be still writing, maybe if I get enough inspiration I'll manage to finish Call Center.

I'm going to post Chapter 18 of Call Center on last Wednesday of February and then I'll also tell you if I need to take another month off. I might have to.

So, I hope you all understand and won't ask me to 'post sooner' because I won't. And I might get cranky if someone tries to pester me about it. I've been a pretty nice and reliable author last few months, now you all try to be understanding readers, especially because I promised that my fics will surely get finished, no matter what.

You can still follow me on tumblr:
twitter: @vic_aino

I'll be active on those two for sure. Sometimes I even talk about CC plot there, so you might learn sth that is going to happen ;)

Okay, so see you in a month!

All around the clock - Prologue [3AM Happiness sequel]

Title: All around the clock - Prologue [3AM Happiness sequel]
Author: Vic_Aino
Pairings: main!TeukChul, side!KyuMin, side!EunHae
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two years passed since Heechul and Jungsu found peace with each other. Everything was falling into the right places. But what will happen now that Kangin was comming back?
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
A/N: Wahhh, two years since I posted last chapter of '3AM Happiness'... I hope some of you still remember that story! This is a sequel to it. Although this sequel is all about Heechul and Leeteuk's relationship it follows all of the other stories I wrote for this universe ('I don't, I don't... I do?' - KyuMin spin-off, 'Let's do it, hyung!' - YeWook spin-off and 'New rules of friendship' - EunHae spin-off) and it might be confusing without reading those. The title is also a referece to '3AM Happiness' (then it was only one hour at night, now it's all the time, blah blah blah... working of my strange brain). So, I really hope that it's up to expectations some of 3AMH fans had! Enjoy!

Collapse )

And so rl sucks...

I just want to inform those of you who are waiting fo the update of 'I don't...' that it might be a little late this time... like a week and a half late more or less. I need to take care of my university issues and exams and after that I'll have at least a little free time to finish the last chapter. Right after (a week or two) I'll start posting 'Normal Life' so those craving TeukChul and KyuMin (and maaaaany more) should prepare themselves for a long running fic. Well, that was all I wanted to say.

A naked ZhouMi as apology!

I feel so guilty...

I promised that I would post new story soon, but I can't find any strength to do anything... Since 5th of September I'm in Potugal. I'm originaly from Poland but right now I came to Portugal for studies. I'm still kind of lost and there are so many new people I think I should get to know...

Tonight is my no-party evening and so I decided to post something, even if it's only my rambling. I'm going to check the first chapter of the new story and post it around tomorrow.

So, I'm in this quite small city called Aveiro, it's just beautiful. I always heard how colorful and picturesque is Portugal, but seeing it with my own eyes it's just enchanting. And I didn't even seen that much. And it's so hot in here, in my country it's like fall is already coming, it's cold and windy and it rains often. Here in Portugal it's sunny, hot and I just want to lie on the beach all the time.

I start classes on Monday supposedly but there are so many things to take care of, mostly schedule related. Before I'll start attending classes I have to do so much paperwork that it scares me...

Ok, I won't bore you more with my life and I promise the story soon^^.


OMO! No new part of 3AMH?!

NO WORRIES! I just get easily distracted and always find something better to do than checking my story^^''. But anyways, as promised part 11 will be up in few hours. I just wanted to share this FLAWLESS, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL thing with those not blessed by being in JE fandom (how much of a douchebag do I sound?). So, as I mentioned somewhere earlier I'm a HUGE KAT-TUN fan (try bashing Kame, you'll see what I'm capable of...) and what comes with it is that I'm also a fan of other groups in Johnny's Jimusho. Mainly Kanjani8 and V6. So eito is kind of BLEH recently and I want to castrate Johnny for not giving them tolerable songs. BUT V6 is on the roll!!!!!! Being a KAT-TUN stan I say this: V6 is THE BEST group in JE, they can sing, dance (in sync), have great personalities and they have Ken Miyake! So I'll just go fangirl over their new PV some more and go back to checking the nextpart of 3AMH^^.


Seriously, just like the title states, I think my mind just commited suicide. It couldn't stand the overload of sexiness. I tried to stay away from SS3 fancams because I cry every time thinking that although I have funds to travel to Korea and buy tickets for more than one show, those funds are my hard earned money that are supposed to keep me alive when I leave my country for half a year in only twenty days. So I cannot spend them on seeing my boys... And next year, when I'll be able to go, there probably won't be any SS4 or my two biases won't be there T.T.

But back to why I can place 'free for rent' on my forehead. I just saw fancam of Sungmin's solo. Those who saw it know what I mean, those who did not... well, go ahead. I'll just go and take cold shower now.

2 posts in one evening...

I loved my previous layout with butterfly but there was something wrong with the code and it was annoying me to no ends. Thankfully there are wonderful people in this worrld creating layouts for such graphic dummies as I am and I found this beautiful thing. I think it will be easier to read my stories now, I noticed the previous font was quite small and slightly invisible on the background...

All credits for his gorgeous thing go to gawariel_design 

And now I'm going to sleep finally...
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